GSI and AEPCo Jordan Join Forces to Drive Solar Energy Expansion in Jordan

4/3/2023 12:00:00 AM

Revolutionizing the Solar Market with a Strong Partnership

GSI, a leading solar energy company, and AEPCo Jordan, a prominent player in the energy sector, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at expanding their presence and driving solar energy growth in Jordan. The collaboration brings together GSI's expertise in solar project development, finance, execution, and asset management with AEPCo Jordan's in-depth knowledge of the local market.

Engineer Maher Farraj, CEO of GSI, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "This collaboration with AEPCo will enable us to further expand our reach in Jordan's solar market. Building on our strong track record in solar project development, finance, execution, and asset management, we are confident that together, we can drive significant advancements in the solar energy sector."

Dr. Hassan Qasem, CEO of AEPCo, emphasized the aim of the partnership, stating, "Our goal is to establish a platform for commercial and industrial solar projects in Jordan. With one of the most mature solar markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, our focus is on reducing operational expenses, carbon footprints, and increasing competitiveness."

AEPCo has been actively involved in renewable energy projects since 2016 and has a remarkable track record of around 630 MW in the MENA region. As a fully-owned subsidiary of KIPCO Group, with operations across the MENA region, AEPCo brings extensive experience in renewable energy project development. The company's subsidiary also offers consultative services on energy conservation, providing innovative solutions to customers.

GSI, established in 2009, specializes in renewable energy Photovoltaic Solar projects. The company is recognized for its fully-integrated solutions and has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction.

Both companies are committed to building a solid platform for solar projects in Jordan. Their partnership is expected to contribute significantly to Jordan's push for renewable energy and a greener economy.

Together, GSI and AEPCo Jordan aim to drive the adoption of solar energy solutions, support sustainable development, create job opportunities, and enhance Jordan's energy security. By leveraging their expertise and shared vision, the partnership is poised to revolutionize the solar market in Jordan and contribute to a more sustainable future.